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10 tips for keeping the stress out of Christmas!

on October 23, 2013

So I know it seems early and you’re probably thinking “Meg, it’s not even Halloween yet, seriously?” But trust me, it’s definately not too early to be thinking about Christmas! So I’ve come up with a list of tips to keep the fun in Christmas and kick some of the stress out.

10 tips for keeping the stress out of Christmas!

1. Don’t wait until the Black Friday deals to start your shopping.

As those of you who live in Asheville or have been in Asheville around Christmas time know, that city is not built at all for the traffic that hits once Black Friday arrives. As an Asheville native, I knew last year that I wanted nothing to do with that traffic so we started our Christmas shopping sometime in October and believe it or not, we were pretty much done by the first week of December!

2. Take advantage of online shopping.

Again with the traffic, we decided to do a lot of our shopping on Amazon and last year. We’re doing the same again this year.

3. Ask people for ideas.

I like to come up with ideas for Christmas gifts for people but honestly sometimes, it’s best just to ask. I know a lot of people tend to have a list of things they would like but they don’t always offer up the information without being asked. That way you don’t have to completely rack your brain and you know they’ll enjoy their gift.

4. Pay attention

People often drop great gift ideas in everyday conversation without even realizing it! Just pay attention to things they get excited about, it could spark a gift idea.

5. Be creative! (or do what I do and cheat by using the internet)

There are lots of cool, cute, creative, and cheap gift ideas out there. If you’re creative take the time to sit down and think about things you could make or put together as gifts. If you’re like me and you struggle a little more in that department, google it! The internet has lots of good ideas you can tweak and use.

6. Don’t break the piggy bank!

Don’t spend too much money! Make a list of the people you need to give gifts to before you buy any of them anything. That way you’ll know how many people you’re looking at spending money on and you can save at least a little for everyone. If you start early enough, you can buy a little bit at a time and spread the cost out over time instead of taking large chunks of money out of one or two paychecks.

7. Get wrapping! Don’t put it off.

I know a lot of people don’t like wrapping presents, and I don’t particularly enjoy myself. Think of how much easier it is if you just wrap presents each week starting once you put your Christmas tree up! Then it’ll get done and you have a great decoration sitting right under your tree!

8. Write it down!

There’s nothing more frustrating than having the perfect gift idea for someone and forgetting what it was later. Write down gift ideas as you have them so you don’t have that terribly frustrating problem!

9. Make time to have fun!

Don’t let shopping, decorating, and cooking keep you from enjoying your loved ones this Christmas. Make those things something to bond over. And take time out from them to have Christmas parties or to watch a Christmas movie. Don’t let a great chance to spend some great quality time doing awesome Christmas things with the people you love pass you by!

10. Don’t forget why we celebrate Christmas!

I know it’s cliché and not creative, but don’t forget that Christmas isn’t about presents or lights or food. While that stuff is fun, Christmas is about celebrating our Savior’s birth! Stressed out Christians aren’t great witnesses especially around Christmas time.


2 responses to “10 tips for keeping the stress out of Christmas!

  1. Rebekah says:

    This is all so true!!! Especially number 10!!! Celebrating His birth isn’t joyous if your all stressed!!! I love homemade gifts because they usually don’t cost a thing!!! Oh!!! Don’t worry. The Christmas songs have already started at our house!!! 🙂
    Love ya’ll!!!!

  2. Hayden says:

    I LOVE this! I don’t think it’s to early to start thinking about Christmas ! Next week, we are going to make a list of Christmas gifts and the people to give them too!! 🙂 I love y’all!!

    P.S. Black Friday shopping in Asheville is CRAZY! 🙂

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