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"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Spring showers and flowers

on April 23, 2014

As next week welcomes May, I think it would be safe to safe we are very much into Spring now!  Spring is great for many things; so far this year in Fort Worth it has brought us rain (which I’ll never complain about again), there have been tulips and daffodils, as well as other flowers, blooming all over campus, and I got to break out my beloved flip flops and sandals again.  Spring brings our anniversary and Ben’s birthday.  Yep, Spring is good.  But this is all normal stuff, that normally happens every year and while I’m thankful for it, I would like to tell you why I’m especially happy for Spring to be here this year. DSC02806

This year, Spring means that Ben is almost done with his first full year of seminary!  I can’t believe he’s already 2 weeks away from having his first year here under his belt.  Parents and grandparents really know what they’re talking about when they tell you that time flies when you’re a kid!  It’s weird to think about the fact that we’ve been here for a full school year.  On one hand, the 9 months have meant separation from my family, friends, and it means that we’re coming up on a year since I’ve set foot in Uganda.  All things that break my heart in a million tiny little pieces.  But God is good in so many ways and even in the pain that has come with moving to Fort Wort10155729_10150490703734945_1038967943_nh, there have been so many blessings!  To name a few…

  1. My relationship with God has definitely grown over this school year.  God has challenged me to learn how to put things, situations, and people in His hands, and is teaching me how to leave them there.
  2. Ben and I have grown much closer over the past 9 months.  Moving to a city where you don’t know anyone else is a good bonding experience.
  3. Even though I miss my friends from North Carolina, who can never be replaced, God has showered us in His love by providing us with good friends and relationships here in Fort Worth.  Had we never moved here, I would not have had all the joy those relationships bring me.

Because we do live far away, and it’s been over 9 months since I’ve seen my best friend, Spring excites me this year because it means that Shae Lee’s wedding is getting closer!  First off, my best friend is getting married!  That in itself is ridiculously exciting!  But then add the fact that I haven’t seen her in so long, I haven’t seen her ring in person, laughed or cried with her, or gotten to hug her since late July and it gets exponentially more exciting than should be possible. 🙂

What about Spring is exciting for you?  In general or specifically about this year?DSC02828


With love,




One response to “Spring showers and flowers

  1. Rebekah says:

    I love spring except allergies. 🙂 Those drive me nuts. But I love to go on walks and look at all the flowers and trees. They are soooooo beautiful this time of year!!!
    Spring also brings half of my families birthdays… Can’t believe Kaeleah is almost 3!!! Time flies by soooooo fast!!!

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